Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings; photo via BuzzFeed

While you’re watching the Rio Olympics, check out these athletes with their kids (like super-star beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings)! (BuzzFeed)

We can all agree that breastfeeding shamers are the worst–but one mom in England took her clap-back at a hater in the park to the next (not totally legal) level. (Mommyish)

Read these funny tweets from parents if you need a laugh this week. (Huffington Post)

Are your kids sharing a room? Find inspiration for how to design it with these ideas! (Cup of Jo)

Pregnant, but in the mood to shop? Trunk Club is the perfect place to shop in NYC without walking miles on swollen ankles with an aching back. (Something Navy Blog)

Most children don’t care what their parents do at work, but these kids were in for a shock when their mom admitted she was a CIA spy! (CNN)

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The newest afterschool craze? Satan Clubs. Yes, we were intrigued too. (Mashable)

We loved learning the clean, Kidz Bop lyrics to our favorite summer songs! (New York Times)

We love writing, and want your kids to love it too! Check out these DIY bookworm pencil toppers your young writers will go crazy for. (PBS Parents)

Do your kids get bored during road trips? The crazy landmarks in this book are sure to keep them entertained! (USA Today)+