Occupational Therapist in Rye Ridge Expands Sensory Gym

The Therapy Nest, an occupational therapy provider in Rye Ridge, doubled the size of its sensory gym (from 750 to 1650 square feet), this October, to accommodate more children in the Westchester area. The larger space features a waiting room that fits more families and a special section for infants and early walkers. 

The newly expanded gym includes a variety of swings and climbing apparatuses as well as fine motor areas for infants to early adolescents. The Therapy Nest individualizes each child's therapy session and collaborates closely with parents to do so, according to Rachel Fleming, occupational therapist and founder of The Therapy Nest.

“The physical space is excellent as far as the equipment we have, but what makes us special is I think that we are very collaborative with other parents. We individualize every child’s therapy session,” says Fleming.

Parents are involved in the process of developing strategies to assist children in becoming successful in their daily activities at home, school, or in other environments. Fleming says that her staff strives to help children build a solid foundation for future successes as well as support children to have the confidence to participate in all activities. With more space, The Therapy Nest's sensory gym can provide more opportunities to engage children of all ages through fun, challenging, and rewarding activities.

“We focus on building confidence and engaging the children in what’s happening,” says Fleming. “[The children] really enjoy coming, and parents are very engaged in what we’re doing. I think that’s why the children make the progress that they do, because everyone is a part of the process.”

Image courtesy The Therapy Nest