NYMetroParents Wins 8 Awards At the 2018 Parenting Media Association Banquet

NYMetroParents, a division of Davler Media Group, is proud to announce that our print magazines and website received eight awards for editorial and digital excellence at the annual Parenting Media Association Awards Banquet on March 2, 2018 in St. Petersburg, FL. The awards won by NYMetroParents, along with the judges’ comments for each, are as follows:

GOLD: “Investigative Feature”: Is Homework Necessary? by Katelin Walling; Tony Diaz, designer

Judges’ comment: This perennial controversy gets a new airing with discussion of the latest research as well as a peek inside a Brooklyn school that has changed its homework philosophy. It also offers parents tips on how to start the discussion — and potentially change — at their own children’s schools.

GOLD: “Investigative Feature”: An Unimaginable Tragedy, by Stacey Pfeffer

Judges’ comment: The death of a newborn — at a time when most families are celebrating — can be an unimaginable horror. This article looks at the statistics and the emotion of dealing with the real issue of infant mortality, as well as how to minimize such deaths.

GOLD: “Profile”: Kids Making a Difference, by Julia Hyman

Judges’ comment: This series of inspiring profiles demonstrates how effective young people can be at helping solve societal problems to which older folks too often become far too accustomed. It’s fitting that NYMetroParents would shine a light on them, the way they’ve shone a light on others in need.

SILVER: “Family Fun Column”: Outings: See the World in Miniature at Gulliver’s Gate in Times Square, by Katelin Walling and Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey: Family Outing, by Caitlin Berens

Judges’ comment: Discovering the unusual is the focus of this section, and it delivers the goods, from a miniature Gulliver’s world to soaring — virtually — among the clouds.

SILVER: “Personal Essay”: Powerful Tunes, by Michaela Searfoorce

Judges’ comment: This is a magical story about a mother who discovers a place where her autistic son can learn to love and perform music. It begins with her frustration and ends with her son’s triumph, using pitch-perfect pace and delivery. The reader is left to savor her gratitude, as well.

BRONZE: “Best E-Newsletter”: NYMetroParents Weekend Planner

Judges’ comment: This event-driven newsletter separates entries based on day and geography, making it easy for readers to choose what’s most attractive to them at a single glance. It is notable for its concise, strong writing. While the words are few, they include strong verbs that all generate a call to action.

BRONZE: “Best Website”: NYMetroParents.com

Judges’ comment: A recent redesign on NYMetroParents has left editors with a clean, creative, and fun site to populate with resources that serve parents in the region well. The use of icons as a primary navigation bar is unique and works well to create a visual connection between topic and content. This publication has such a large coverage area, the choice to break it down by region makes finding calendar and directory information easy as pie.

BRONZE: “Special Series”: Me Time: Battling Burnout, by Katelin Walling and Extracurriculars vs. Extra Downtime, by Rosalind Muggeridge

Judges’ comment: In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, we all need to be reminded how important it is to take some time for ourselves. This pair of stories offers insightful advice on how to make sure parents and children do so.

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