Education App: NYC HS Application Guide

Any New York City parent will tell you, the school application process in this special city is always stressful–be it for nursery school, middle school, or high school. The deadline for applying to high schools in NYC happens to be coming up on December 1. However, for families still working through the process of applying their current middle-schooler to a public high school in the city, there’s a great new app on the scene that’s sure to make things easier to navigate: It’s called NYC HS Application Guide.

Designed with student users in the mind, the NYC High School Application Guide was developed by the Heckscher Foundation for Children with guidance from school choice researchers at New York University and a former New York City Director of High School Admissions. NYC HS Application Guide “is a free mobile app and website that uses information about students’ interests, current middle school, and willingness to commute to provide a customized list of high school recommendations, with an emphasis on higher-performing schools that have a strong track record of graduating students in four years.” In short, it helps with the daunting task of making your list of potential schools and uses practical and personalized information to do so.

Once you have a list of schools created on the app, NYC HS Application Guide shows users pertinent information about each school–including admissions details, statistics about the opinions of students on the school (in topics like fun, safety, academic rigor), demographics of the student body, and more.

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