NYC Halloween Costume Shops

Available at Village Party Store


Village Party Store

Calling all animal lovers! This “headquarters of Halloween” claims to have the largest collection of animal masks anywhere in NYC. In addition to the usual bagged child costumes, Village Party Store is bursting with clown getups that range from the happy to the scary. And don’t miss shelves of glitter and color hairspray for those special touches.

13 East 8th Street,



Ricky’s is packed to the brim with ready-to-wear children’s costumes and plenty of accessories to complete any eerie ensemble. This well-stocked store is the place to go if you’re shopping for a costume at the last minute. As an added bonus, Moms and Dads can find their Halloween getups here as well, with a ton of pop culture-related costumes to choose from for a good laugh.

Various locations,

Halloween Adventure Pop-Up

Does your super kid want to be a superhero this Halloween? Head to this pop-up store that has opened at the former Jefferson Market in theWestVillage. Quick and easy costumes abound at this superhero savvy store.

450 Sixth Avenue,

Abracadabra Superstore

Let the magic begin! Whatever your child wishes to be for Halloween this place can make it happen. Featuring tons of licensed costumes including Monster High for girls and Max from Where the Wild Things Are for boys, this place has tons of beloved character options to choose from. Plus, there’s a collection of costume tiaras in every color and a selection of child-sized capes.

19 West 21st Street,

Spirit Halloween Shop

These holiday super stores are popping up everywhere this season! And they carry the latest Halloween costume technology: Skin Suits, which are essentially body suits that cover the wearer from head to toe (including hands and feet), and come in a rainbow of colors. You can decorate the suit to make a stunning superhero or creepy creature by using fabric paints or kits available at the store. Or, you can buy an already decorated Skin Suit available in Dragon Ninja, Skeleton or Clown.

Various locations,

State News

These stores just might have the most random collections of items under one roof—but that’s what makes them the go-to spots in the city for arts & crafts supplies, paper goods, old school toys, accessories, and novelties. You’ll find Halloween costumes and themed party supplies here for your spooky celebration.

1243 3rd Avenue & 112 East 86th Street

New York Costumes

It’s Halloween year-round in here, with a ton of costumes, accessories, and everything you could ever want for the haunted holiday, including pet outfits. Late night hours during the days leading up to Halloween make this a great resource if you’ve forgotten an important part of your child’s costume before the Halloween parade!

104 Fourth Avenue,

Gothic Renaissance

Located just next door to New York Costumes, this is yet another year-round boutique that specializes in gothic clothing of all types. For kids who dream of the Victorian era, this is the place that will make it look like you’ve traveled back in time.

110 Fourth Avenue,

Screaming Mimi’s

This vintage clothing shop is staffed by stylists, and turns into a Halloween “one of a kind costume” shop in October. Do not expect cookie cutter costumes here. And while they don’t carry items specifically for kids, they have walls of accessories to choose from for people of all ages. Think vintage jewelry pieces that girls can use to adorn princess or flapper costumes. And be sure to check out the under $40 accessory section to find great bargains.

382 Lafayette Street,



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Speakitaly NYC

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Athletic Association of Yorkville Youths

<p><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;" data-sheets-value="{" data-sheets-userformat="{">Serving the families and children of NYC for over 50 years with high-quality recreational activities that foster life-lessons which empower young people to succeed beyond sports. Our programs encourage positive attitudes and growth through teamwork and sportsmanship, attendance, fair play, respect, hard work, integrity and fun. Your child can participate in clinics and leagues in such sports as baseball, basketball, flag-football, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, wrestling, track, and tennis. We also offer weekly dodgeball tournaments, drama and musical theater workshops, and after school programs.</span></p>