NY Family Partner: The Easiest Way to Transport Kids to Day Trips in NYC

Parents all know the struggle of trying to get your kids out of the house for an afternoon. It’s important to get out once in a while so that your children can learn, grow, and experience the world outside of the comfort of your home; however, the thought of wrangling multiple children all the way to a museum can be quite daunting.

When it comes to parenting, there’s strength in numbers. The next time you’re planning a day trip for your circle of friends, homeschool group, or playgroup, take some of the stress out of the day’s events with personal minibus transportation from Ally Charter Bus.

A minibus is a great way to keep all of your little passengers organized. Instead of choosing who will volunteer their car, taking the time to load all kids into the back seat, and tending to backseat troublemakers while you try to navigate your way to your destination, you can simply walk onto your private vehicle and let a professional driver lead the way while you ride to your destination. Even in congested city streets, a compact minibus serves as a helpful alternative to waiting for taxis or taking the subway with your group of kids.

Your minibus will come with all of the comfortable features you love in your car, like heat for cold winter days, air conditioning for hot summer days, televisions with DVD players to keep kids entertained, and WiFi and reclining seats so that adults can enjoy the ride as well. We always pair groups with experienced drivers who are committed to keeping your children safe throughout the whole ride, allowing you to relax and de-stress before a day of keeping up with your children.

Your minibus can travel through your neighborhood to pick up each individual family, or meet at a predetermined location such as a daycare or friend’s home to load everybody onto the bus at once. Whether you’re traveling into NYC to explore the Brooklyn Children’s Museum or taking a day trip away from the hustle and bustle, Ally Charter Bus is prepared to make your outing as low-stress as possible. We’re experienced in transporting children and chaperones to school field trips in Brooklyn and throughout the rest of New York City, family reunions through all five boroughs, and numerous other trips throughout the New England area.

Ally services all of New York City as well as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, and other nearby cities that are home to plenty of opportunities to enjoy a fun day trip with your kids. Give us a call at 718-233-4319 to see how we can help you plan your next outing!