Family-Owned Business NY CAKE Opens In Chelsea

New York’s sweetest dreams have come true because NY CAKE made its grand opening on October 18th at 118 West 22nd Street in Chelsea! With more space to offer, NY CAKE now has their first-ever cafe,
as well as redesigned Academy classes that offer a wide variety of baking workshops.

This third generation, family-owned business will be run by the original cake decorator, Joan Mansour, alongside her two daughters, Jenny Kashanian and Lisa Mansour. While Jenny will manage the retail operations, Lisa, who is also a well-recognized cake decorator will oversee the café and Academy.

This family business goes back to 1980 when the cake decorator, Joan, started selling cake supplies from the back of her husband’s pharmacy on 50th Street. From there, her passion for this business flourished and eventually became known as NY CAKE that we know today.Joan Mansour, Jenny Kashanian, Lisa Mansour

With it getting chillier outside, come inside their new café and enjoy baked goods while sipping on something warm to escape the cold weather. It is located at the entrance and has a menu that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can also sign up for Academy classes with Lisa and other special guests to learn the ropes of cake decorating. Learn new baking techniques from wedding cake workshops to gluten-free bread making in their well-equipped kitchen of double deck ovens and chocolate tempering machines. The Academy also has special themed classes to offer around the holiday seasons and can host private events to celebrate special occasions such as kid’s birthday parties.

This inspiring business will make you want to start baking yourself! You can find their collection of baking supplies of cake molds and professional kitchen tools so that you can also make amazing cakes that stand out. 

Head out with the family and check out NY CAKE’s new location to indulge in some treats. You can stop by Monday-Sunday from 9am-7pm, and enjoy the café from 8am-6pm. 

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