Nutritious help for new moms

September means back-to-school time for the kids — and possibly some extra time to take charge of our well-being as well. How much do you love shopping for all new back-to-school supplies? I love getting my boys new backpacks and lunchboxes. (I have a feeling this year will be all sports-themed accessories.) Bento boxes for lunch boxes? Kale chips for the kids? It’s all about eating healthy for the entire family.

Second to brides, there’s no group of women more motivated to lose weight and feel their best than new moms. And some have turned to a service called Foodtrainers, in which nutritionists work with clients to highlight all the important dos and don’ts of healthy eating. They even offer a prenatal service and during the third trimester visit will go over a Fresh Direct shopping list.

Once moms-to-be have their babies, they can simply click the online list to have all of the essentials delivered to their door.

The nutritionists will also suggest food delivery services that can provide meals (I adore Food Matters, www.foodm‌atter‌ — Tricia Williams is a menu magician) to help new moms while they make that “adjustment” to sleeplessness and the emotional and hormonal roller coaster that is postpartum life.

Women should take comfort that Foodtrainers nutritionists will never suggest iffy or risky items to clients who are breastfeeding. They will also take into account the issues new mothers may face.

Baby blues? Snack on Health Warrior’s chia bars; chia is rich in omega 3s to boost your mood. These bars also curb your appetite. (I love them!) Not making as much milk as you’d like? Oatmeal to the rescue. Mother-in-law driving you nuts? Sorry, there are limits.

The cornerstones of Foodtraining (and Foodtrainers creator Lauren Slayton’s “Little Book of Thin” diet and exercise planning book) are planning and timing, and the good news is that new moms are generally fairly schedule-oriented, so it works well. It has lists for moms such as “top 10 things to deal with while the baby naps,” which I appreciate.

And once the baby is sleeping a little more, and you’re green lighted to exercise, Foodtrainers will up the weight-loss ante a bit.

Post-baby they field more complaints from new moms about a feeling of “mushiness” than anything else, so they employ “secret weapon foods” that are known to decrease body fat. Slayton, also the mom of two boys, can’t give away all of her secrets, but you may want to shop for sunflower seeds the next time you’re at the market.

There’s no reason why nutrition or weight loss has to be miserable and boring. Foodtrainers help keep it light and fun!

This September, we will pack our children healthy lunches for school — and we should not be skimping on DeLysscious healthy snacks and meals for ourselves.

Foodtrainers [65 Central Park West between W. 66th and W. 67th streets on the Upper West Side, (212) 769-4300, foodt‌raine‌]

Lyss Stern is the founder of DivaLysscious Moms (www.divam‌