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  • New York Family’s November 2013 Issue

    Amanda Peet, our annual birthday guide, and learning your first instrument.

    By New York Family

    Photo by Mark Abrahams / Trunk Archive

    Amanda’s Second Act
    After years on both the big and small screens, actress Amanda Peet has added a few more plum roles to her resume: mother of two, childhood vaccination advocate, and playwright

    Lights! Camera! Celebration!
    Our annual birthday party guide—inspired by some of our favorite kids’ movies—is your roadmap to the city’s best party venues—plus, plenty of fun themes, décor and game ideas, and tasty treats

    Work It Out
    Our career blogger Barri Waltcher helps at-home parents navigate their return to the workplace


    Family Fun Guide

    Ten Great Events For November
    Power of Poison exhibit, Intrepid Museum’s Scout Day, “Ballerina Swan,” and more


    Home & Away

    Moms Of Real Estate: Part 2
    In the second installment of our “Parents & Real Estate” series, four moms—and real estate power players—dish on neighborhood gems and making smart choices for family living

    A wanderlustful winter destination guide to suit every family’s interests (and climate preferences)

    Quality Time
    Set your Thanksgiving table in style with our picks for seasonal décorcrafting, and baking



    Editor’s Note
    Giving thanks

    Events & Offers
    An Art Farm in the City semester class and membership giveawayupcoming camp fairs, and the scoop on our weekly newsletters

    Julianne Moore’s new children’s booka kids’ clothing store on the LESthe latest tech toy, and more

    A Special Place
    For 20 years, Eastside Westside Music Together has been helping parents and kids bond over the joys of singing and movement

    Starting Out
    Renowned parenting expert Priscilla Dunstan shares her insights on managing a crying baby and the importance of early infant-parent bonding

    Special Needs
    In Raising Henry, her book about parenting a child with Down syndrome, Columbia professor Rachel Adams examines the broader issues faced by families raising children with disabilities.

    A Good Idea
    No one has done more to help adoptive families and orphaned children around the world than local mom and “orphan doctor” Jane Aronson

    Activity Of The Month: Music
    A parent’s guide to helping their budding musician select a first instrument—with tips from local instructors and experts

    Hot Trends
    Get set for the winter sports season with our roundup of awesome city basketball programs

    The Last Word
    A local mom has visions of raising another baby as her teen nears the end of high school

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