Molly Sims Talks Health, Motherhood, and Creating Lasting Memories at Home

I got a chance to sit down with Molly Sims regarding her new partnership with LiveHealth® Online

LiveHealth Online hopes to make it easier for postpartum women to get the medical help they need. They partnered with BabyCenter to conduct a survey on postpartum health and found that 96 percent of women report physical problems after birth and 47 percent struggle to find the time to see a doctor.

Other findings include:

  • Thirty-six percent of moms surveyed experience physical issues, and 63 percent of moms experiencing postpartum emotional challenges don’t seek out professional help from a doctor or therapist.
  • Fear of judgement and guilt most often hold moms back from talking about emotional issues, while physical challenges are rationalized as “normal” or “not serious,” according to moms surveyed.
  • Only 39 percent feel completely like themselves again two years after giving birth

LiveHealth Online, a mobile app and website, provides users with a convenient way to have live video visits with doctors for non-emergency health conditions.

Check out the interview with Molly Sims, below:

I also chatted with Molly about her new book, Everyday Chic, the follow-up to her first book, Everyday Supermodel.

What inspired the book? 
My inspiration for Everyday Chic was to show that it’s not about having a perfect life. It’s about embracing the imperfect happy mess and adding some chic touches whenever you can. This means resorting to takeout when you don’t have enough hours in the day to put together a meal, but serving it on your best dishes. I’ve been able to work with some incredibly talented designers, party planners, nutritionists, and homemakers who have taught me as I go. I’m using this book as a way to share the style and grace that I’ve learned with all of you. My team is your team.

What are some tips for moms to stay “everyday chic” when things seem hectic? 
I’m all about taking a deep breath when the happy mess gets a little too chaotic. But what really keeps me sane is taking a spa weekend once a year with a girlfriend. It’s a vacation for my mind, body, and soul. Every momma needs to take a breather every once and a while just to keep up with the normal day-to-day.

How do you incorporate your style aesthetic into a house full of kids? 
Believe it or not—there are definitely ways to still show your style aesthetic with a bunch of crazy and messy kids running around. My biggest tip is to keep it functional. All of the couches in our home are outdoor fabric…for a reason. It is still just as chic looking but way easier to clean. I also tend to like when a home looks lived in and not so intimidatingly perfect. We are a home of three kids, dogs, and I entertain a lot, so I want it to reflect that! Stylish storage, glossy doors, and colorful textiles are other ways I incorporate my style in a kid-friendly way. For walls, matte paint is difficult with kids…so a semi-gloss or an eggshell is a lot more forgiving.

molly sims book

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? 
As hard as it is, you have to be the captain of the ship. Try to not be a pushover…we do our children a huge disservice if we don’t give them boundaries. I’m not saying that I’m a super-strict parent, but kids need to be wild and crazy. That doesn’t mean all bets are off.

What are your go-to tips for planning kids’ birthday parties? 
I’m really into a theme. I get inspiration from the littlest things from a color to their favorite television show. Party planning always starts with a theme.

What’s your favorite thing to feed your kids? 
I try to keep everything pretty healthy in the house. I prepare a lot of one-pot meals. My kids love pasta and pizza. We’re also really into smoothies but then at the end of the day, if they want a little treat, I’ll let them stick their hands in the cookie jar.

Any advice for first-time moms who are struggling with decorating a nursery? 
Definitely look at Pinterest, there’s a lot of inspiration there. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a great nursery. You can go from Restoration Hardware to Target and you can find a lot of inspiration in-between. For my kids’ nurseries, I started from a color palate and went from there.

What are some of your favorite items in your home? 
I’m obsessed with photos. Upstairs in our hallway we have a huge photo wall with all of the photos we have taken in the past 6 years from the wedding to the birth of our children and all of the parties. It’s great to have daily reminders of all of the fun that we’ve had as a family so far.

What do you hope your children remember most from their childhood home? 
The warmth and laughter. Some of our best weekends have been spent at home relaxing and having fun.

What are some simple, quick ways moms can feel and look good? 
Throw on a good lipstick. Momma loves a good product and nothing makes me feel better than a burst of color on my lips that makes me feel like everything is under control. I’m also obsessed with sheet masks. You can throw these babies on and run around the house while it works its magic—mess free. 


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Main image: Supermodel mom and author Molly Sims
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