Meet The First Team Of Pregnant Superheroes, Inspired By Real Life Moms

The M.O.M. Squad

As we head into the summer blockbuster season and with Avengers: Infinity War still reigning at the top of the box office, it is obvious that superheroes play a huge role in every family’s life. From reading comic books to watching them in theaters, children and parents love the idea of a bad guy getting taken down by someone with incredible superpowers. Summer Infant, maker of childcare products, has now taken the superhero concept to the next level–providing a team of pregnant superheroes, inspired by real life moms.

It’s time for Spiderman and Captain America to step aside, because let’s face it: Moms are the actual superheroes. Taking on a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, they not only kill it daily, but make everything look like it’s a breeze; that’s why Summer Infant is encouraging Marvel Entertainment to make their own team of mom-inspired superheroes.

Featuring mothers from all walks of life, The M.O.M. Squad consists of four pregnant superheroes who are ready to take on any type of villain–whether the villain be potty training or bath time.

Agent Momitor

Agent Momitor, based on Steph Herron Rice, the author of A Little Too Loud, has the ability to detect movement and sound from her baby’s room using her supersonic vision and hearing. Even in the dead of night, Agent Momitor is the baby monitor you wish you had.

Professor Potty

Professor Potty, inspired by A Loyal Love author Tammy, is the hero who goes above and beyond to make sure every child is properly potty-trained. With a little help from her secret weapon, and a whole lot of patience, Professor Potty takes down the feat that many parents have come to fear.

The MotherLoad

The MotherLoad, based on Patty Osorio, author of Patty’s Kloset, has the ability to carry anything a child might need while out and about. The MotherLoad is always prepared to take down any situation, no matter what.


AquaMom, inspired by Jasmine of Living For Jasmine, has the ability to calm and control the waters at bath time, making cleanup a breeze for all.

Think you know someone who deserves to be in The M.O.M. Squad? In honor of Mother’s Day, Summer Infant wants to celebrate mothers everywhere: They encourage you to tag the supermom in your life and nominate them to become the newest member of The M.O.M. Squad.

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