Make brag sashes to celebrate your amazing child

Looking for a special way to celebrate a special school year? The Girl Scouts have the right idea: Nothing says “I rock” more than a brag sash. This activity is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s achievements and take a look back on all of the progress she has made throughout the year. These sashes are easy to make, and your child can personalize hers however she likes.

What you need:

• Sturdy fabric, about 1 yard (old jeans or cords are great for this)

• Scissors

• Needle and thread, or fabric glue

• Sturdy card stock or cardboard

• An extra-large hole punch or scissors able to cut out a circular shape

• Markers (or any other supplies used for decoration)

• Fabric glue


To make the sash, cut two strips of fabric, each about 6-inches wide, making the length of each strip long enough to fit around one half of your child. These are Girl Scout-style sashes that go over one shoulder and underneath the other arm down to about the waist, so the sash will go all the way around the front and the back of your child’s torso.

Stitch or use fabric glue to connect the two pieces together in a large oval. Each strip of fabric should lay flat across your child’s body.

To make the badges, cut out lots of circles from the card stock, each roughly 2–3 inches in diameter.

Help your child come up with a list of accomplishments — learning the ABCs, mastering fractions, getting a ribbon in the school science fair, reading a great book, etc. The list will depend on what grade your child is in, but it should still be long and fun.

Then, let your child decorate the card stock circles, each representing one of her many accomplishments.

When you’ve finished making your badges, let your child glue her accomplishment badges onto her brag sash.

Wear with pride!

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