Scoop: Foster a Global Mindset Early at the Lycée Français de New York

To Foster a Global Mindset, Start Early!

Attend a Preschool Open House this Fall

As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can give our kiddos is the gift of speaking another language. Learning a language opens the world to growing minds, but for adults, picking up a new language is super-tricky. Little ones can soak up foreign tongues and adapt to other cultures with ease, and starting them young is absolutely essential. If you have a global mindset and a passion for other cultures, and you wish to foster that in your child, or, if you just fancy giving your children a head start in life, the Lycée Francais de New York, on the Upper East Side, could be the ideal fit.

The Lycée has been around since 1935, offering a unique bilingual French and American program to students from 60 nationalities from Nursery-3 through to the 12th Grade. The diverse group of teachers at the Lycée have been educated in France, the US and all over the world, making this a truly international environment for little learners. Children (and their parents!) attending the Lycée will develop friendships with kids from around the world and deepen their cultural understanding and empathy, and foster the creative problem-solving and mental flexibility that come from living and learning in two or more languages on a daily basis.

The Lycée experience blends the structure, independent thinking and rigorous analytical skills that are the hallmarks of a French education, with the ingenuity, optimism and creativity associated with American educational traditions. As children progress through the school they develop self-confidence, collaboration skills and leadership through extracurricular activities, opportunities to give service and seminar-style classes like those held in leading US private schools. Lycée graduates attend top universities in the US, Canada, France, the UK and around the world.

All are welcome to apply to enter the school’s Nursery-3, pre-K and Kindergarten programs. Neither you nor your kids need to be able to speak French to enroll. Each Preschool class is staffed by two teachers, a French speaker and an English speaker, with classes alternating between the two languages. Little ones will experience a day packed with play, music and structured activities to build a foundation for learning in French and English.

Aside from a world-class bilingual education, students at the Lycée enjoy French-inspired, healthy school meals, light-filled facilities and a rooftop playground. After-school activities include after-care to help support busy working parents, art, theater, cooking, sports and STEM for preschoolers. Families will experience the joy of being part of a dynamic international community, a gateway to a global future.

Financial aid is available to families in need.

Click here for details and to sign up for one of their fall Preschool admissions open houses:
– September 23 at 6 pm
– October 17 at 6 pm
– October 23 at 9 am
– November 5 at 6 pm

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