Lighthouse Family Daycare Opens in Bay Ridge

After 18 years of experience in Chinatown, Lighthouse Family Daycare decided to close their Manhattan doors and reopen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in September. Lighthouse Family Daycare is interested in guiding children ages 2-5 through their early lives so they can thrive in preschool and kindergarten. A typical day is full of both fun and educational activities, including free play, singing, morning exercises, arts and crafts, and science study.

Every month, students learn simple social studies of other countries while learning greetings and counting in other languages. Sometimes, students will even cook dishes of that country. 

“We want kids to get used to being in a school environment by getting them prepared for preschool and kindergarten in public schools,” says owner of Lighthouse Family Daycare Sarah Mei. When kids have schooling prior, it makes their transition easier. They know how to write their own words while other students are still tracing.”

The kids love hands-on experiences. The Daycare is equipped with their own kitchen, so basic cooking skills are incorporated. Kids learn how to make their own sandwiches and pizza. Each month has its own Arts and Crafts theme, where kids can practice hand-eye coordination, such as coloring pumpkins and turkeys.

Teachers aim to develop imagination and curiosity in these young children. During their daily 45 minutes of “science study” in the fall, kids and teachers will go on short walks outside and look at the different colors of leaves. They will be asked to describe what they see and to wonder why the colors are changing.

A day at Lighthouse Family Daycare starts with arrival at 8am, and is filled with activities until dismissal at 5pm. Kids can benefit from the supportive structure and environment, quality instruction and social lessons of daycare. Even for young children, having a full schedule of activities that includes snacks, songs and storytelling is essential for intellectual growth and development. Kids learn how to share, play, and learn well together, while their minds and personalities are still forming.