Lice Clinics of America Opens in Scarsdale

Lice Clinics of America opened a Scarsdale location in mid-May, bringing its one-hour lice removal service to the area. The clinic’s staff is certified in using the AirAlle® FDA approved device, which just uses heated air to kill head lice and eggs, avoiding the toxins and pesticides typically found in removal methods.

With an effectiveness rate of more than 99 percent, the clinic guarantees you will only need one visit for treatment. In the case that a follow up is needed, services are provided for free. Lice Clinics of America operates in over 300 locations across the country and claims to have a re-treatment rate of less than 1 percent.

The clinic provides screenings for $25 per person, which is waived if head lice is confirmed. They offer three different treatment options, ranging from $90 to $199 per person, and a Do-It-Yourself Lice Removal Kit to bring home for $30-$50.

This location was opened after seeing the real need for it in the Westchester area. The traditional method of removing lice is no longer working, as they are evolving into what is called Super Lice, and they have become resistant to older methods of removal, according to owner Rick Florsheim.

He also states that summer through the end of September is the peak lice season, due to children coming home from summer camps. He suggests that before children enter the home upon returning, to bring them to a clinic for a screening.

Currently, treatments are available by appointment only. The Scarsdale location can be reached online or by phone at 914-996-4050.

Image: Through the end of September is the peak lice season due to children coming home from summer camps.

Courtesy Lice Clinic of America