Family Photographer Now Offers Newborn Sessions

Gina Palumbo, a family photographer in Westchester, recently added newborn photo sessions to the list of photo services at her studio, Keep It Captured.

Gina Palumbo, a Westchester native who specializes in photographing families in a natural setting, announced in January that she is adding newborn sessions to the list of services at her studio, Keep it Captured.

Palumbo built her own business after several years of working for a company that specializes in new family portraits and newborn shoots. She says that confidence in her craft and her unique style perspective prepared her to venture out on her own.

Palumbo describes her style as photojournalistic, adding that she prefers to capture real moments and real people in a natural setting. “Whether it’s a wedding, or that new moment as a mom, baby’s first steps—all of it is amazing to me,” she says. “People are just incredibly interesting creatures—that’s what I try to capture.”

When it comes to photographing kids, Palumbo prefers shooting in parks or inside people’s homes where kids are most comfortable. Photographing newborns is an especially sensitive task, which involves lots of planning ahead, she says, but it feels most rewarding. “It’s fun because they’re only that small for an extremely short period of time. Those are your first weeks with somebody who you are going to raise. It’s nice to have that,” Palumbo says.

Experience has taught her that to ensure a positive experience for all, the most important thing is to remain flexible and always go with the flow, especially with newborn sessions. “I don’t set a time limit. I schedule an early appointment and then we utilize the day,” Palumbo says. “A really good photo is when you can just enjoy the time and enjoy the moment interacting with the family.”

Palumbo is also available to shoot weddings, family portraits, and special events.

Above photo: Photographer Gina Palumbo of Keep It Captured now offers newborn photo sessions.

Photo by Gina Palumbo, Keep it Captured