MET Opera Star to Start Tutoring Business for Kids and Adults

Former MET Opera star Jennifer Hines is starting an in-person tutoring business for children and adults.

The mezzo-soprano singer has been teaching on and off for over five years. Hines decided to take time off from traveling so often to teach proper singing practices to children.

“I want children to learn and express their abilities by having a good base for performing correctly,” says Hines.

Hines says she sees incorrect vocal technique being performed too regularly in trained singers. She explains that it is often the cause of teachers not having the courage to tell students they’re performing incorrectly, especially at a young age.

Such developments allow bad vocal habits to develop, which are hard to eliminate later on.

Hines will guide children through the basics of breathe technique and how project their voices properly.

Hines enjoys teaching children and watching them learn. She hopes that no matter their professional aim, children will keep little bits of her teaching in mind.

With the help of Jennifer Hines, children will be encouraged through effective teacher/student communication to help them establish a firm understanding in basic singing technique.

For more information contact [email protected] or call 917-324-4550.

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Main image: Jennifer Hines