It figures

Percent of pet owners who give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets. 3

Cost to clean up wet feathers following a massive pillow fight organized by word of mouth in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day 2009. $30,000

Average age of first French kiss in the United States. 13.5

Percent of mothers with children younger than 18 who say they watch the Super Bowl, scheduled this year for Feb. 6 in Arlington, TX. 80

Percent of those mothers who watch the game with their children. 61

Percent who say the ads are inappropriate for children. 45

Percent of viewers of the 2009 Super Bowl whose favorite commercial during the game was for soda or junk food. 52

Amount advertisers will pay for a 30-second spot on the 2011 Super Bowl. $3 million

Percent whose favorite commercial was for beer. 11

Years since the Boy Scouts of America was founded on Feb. 8. 101

Annual fee for Boy Scouts in 1913. 25 cents

Annual fee today. $15

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