Introducing studying techniques to first-time test-taker

Tests and quizzes are new to my elementary-aged child this year. What are some studying tips I can use to help him prepare?

There are many different studying techniques for young children. Flash cards are No. 1 on my list. They are a great study tool and a lifelong skill to teach your child. (You can pick up a pack of index cards from your local drugstore.)

Model for him how to write new words and concepts on the blank side of the card and the definition on the lined side, before having him try it himself. If he is on the younger side or this task seems a little too tedious for him, have him recite the information to put on the cards while he watches you write it out. Then, have him draw a picture on each card that will help trigger his memory of the definition. The process of writing and drawing on the cards helps convert new information to memory. He can then use the cards to test himself, or you can use them to play a review game together.

Another great idea is putting up a word wall in either your child’s room or workspace. He can write out the words using big font and colored markers and also draw a picture to go with the word. Having the words and pictures around will give him added exposure to the new information and keep them on the forefront of his mind.

Lastly, making up little songs is a fun way to remember new information. You can use the tune of a favorite song or he can come up with one on his own. Children learn all different ways, so it may take some trial and error to find the best way to assist your little one, but these three study tools are a great place to start!

Lauren Rosen has been teaching in Manhattan private schools for 10 years. She lives in NYC with her husband and daughter. You can reach her at MrsLRosen@gmail.com.