In the Magazine: August 2019

Our August issue is here to make sure the end of your summer is filled with fun, relaxation, and everything you need to get back-to-school ready. Looking for the perfect after school program for your daughter? Need a weekend getaway with the family before school starts back up? Whatever your needs are this August, NYMetroParents has your back.

After School

5 Creative Ways to Shop for School on a Budget

These savvy tips will help your kid have the best year ever–without breaking your bank!


How to Choose the Right Extracurriculars for Your Child

Choosing after-school activities for your children can make your head spin—art or theater, sports or chess, STEM or dance? Experts weigh in to help you determine which—and how many—extracurriculars to enroll your child in.


Quiz: Choose the Best After School Activity for Your Child

With myriad activities available to children these days, it’s easy to get bogged down with all the options.  Take this fun quiz to see which activity best suits your child. 


Raising Kids

How to Help Your Teens Grow Up to Be Independent Adults












Teaching your teen to be a successful, self-sufficient adult will take time and patience, but it’s worth it (trust us!).


Barefoot in Yoga, and Better for It

Speaking the language of yoga was beneficial for everyone in my family.


Benefits of a Nanny Share for Your Family

Sharing a nanny can save you money, make your kids more comfortable, and give you greater flexibility.


Summer Fun

Family Fun in Manhattan

Before back-to-school and basketball practice, take advantage of these four fun things to do with your family in NYC this month.


August Calendar of Family-Friendly Activities

Find something to do every day this month with your family in your area

The New York Renaissance Faire: Where Fantasy Rules

Immerse yourself in a 16th-century Elizabethan village for a day.


Family Life

How to Plan a Successful Return from Maternity Leave

The transition from maternity leave to being back at work isn’t always smooth, but the good news is you can make it easier on you and your family.


How to Keep Your Home Renovation Under Budget

While it’s easy for home renovations to cost more than you were anticipating, experts say it is possible to stay within your original budget. 


3 Big Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance

Your policy should be sized up on a yearly basis (at least), but these life events warrant an immediate review.