DIY: Hot Glue Magic Wand

How to make a magic wand out of hot glue and paper—perfect for the finishing touch to a Halloween costume, or for imaginary play.

The Hot Glue Magic Wand is perfect for students who are just entering the world of magic. Constructed from everyday materials, this magic wand is both customizable and quick to assemble, making this a project perfect for mass production and outfitting a classroom full of wizards.


  • 1 sheet of copy paper (8½-by-11 inches)
  • Clear tape or masking tape
  • 1 unsharpened wooden pencil
  • 1 marble or similar small trinket
  • Craft paint (brown suggested)


  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Paintbrush


Step 1

magic wand diy step 1

On a flat surface, slowly roll an 8½-by-11-inch sheet of copy paper (or an old wizard wanted poster) into a tight paper cone. When finished, one end should come to a point, while the other end should have a ¼- to ½-inch opening in it.

Once it’s tightly rolled, use clear tape or masking tape along the side of the cone to fasten it in place. The finished cone will be roughly 10-13 inches long.


Step 2

magic wand diy step 2

Slide an unsharpened wooden pencil into the open end of the paper cone, with the eraser end facing out. Wedge the pencil into the tip of the cone until the combined assembly is 11-15 inches long. No two magic wands are identical, so the total length of the assembly may vary.

Secure the pencil by adding some hot glue to the open end of the paper cone, around the wedged pencil. Additional hot glue can be used to strengthen the wand tip as well.


Step 3

magic wand diy step 3

With your fingers, dislodge the pencil’s eraser from the metal band that holds it in place. Pliers may be necessary if the eraser refuses to budge. Avoid bending the metal band when removing the eraser.

Add hot glue to the inside of the empty metal band, and then attach a small marble, stone, or acorn, or a similar small trinket. Add more hot glue around the bottom of the attached item for increased strength.

When dry, the attached item will serve as the wellspring of your wand’s mystical powers—and the ideal base for your wand’s finger grip!


Step 4

magic wand diy step 4

With the glue gun, add front and back grip details approximately 3 to 4 inches apart as shown in the top illustration. As the glue dries, increase the thickness of the new grip details by adding several additional layers of hot glue. If desired, you can also add glue supports that grasp the sides of the marble, as indicated.

With more hot glue, create custom textures around the grip area of the wand shaft, as shown in the middle illustration. Straight lines, a swirl pattern, or an organic, wood-like texture are all fun possibilities.

When the hot glue has dried, use craft paint to add some color.


Step 5

magic wand diy step 5

Introduce yourself! Wield your wand by gripping the end with the same hand you write with. Rotate your wrist to move the wand in a clockwise U, then thrust it forward and confidently speak the incantation “Fond companios!”

Excerpted from John Austin’s Labcraft Wizards, currently in stores. © 2016 by John Austin. Used with permission from Chicago Review Press. All rights reserved.


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