Hostess Recall Alert – Snack Cakes May Contain Dangerous Residue

Parents and friends of kids (or adults) with peanut-related allergies and other adverse reactions, take note. 710,000 cases of Hostess treats have been recalled due to possible contamination from a peanut residue.

This is a voluntary recall made by the Hostess company because of a recall made by their supplier of flour, Grain Craft, due to peanut residue found in some of their lots of flour which is used in the Hostess goods.

If you have any of the following products in your home and are concerned about peanut contamination, get rid of these boxes immediately or return them to the place of purchase for a complete refund. All recalled foods have a “best by” date on the packaging of May 2016 or June 2016. No other Hostess items aside from those below have been recalled or effected by this residue.

Items being recalled are:

Chocodiles, Ding Dongs, Zingers, Chocolate Donuts, Crunch Donuts, Devils Food Donuts, Glazed Mini Donuts, Maple Donuts, and Powder Donuts. The entire recalled list of snack goods can be found here.

With so many kids affected by peanut allergies and reactions, your best bet is to be safe rather than sorry and get a refund for these products ASAP. 

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