Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz Partner to Launch ‘Mom Brain’ Parenting Podcast

Celebrity moms Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin have partnered to host Mom Brain, a new podcast for moms that launched Oct. 8. Though it seems like there is already a podcast for everything, Oz and Baldwin found a niche they could fill with a podcast for moms that is full of deep, meaningful, and raw conversations with each other and other moms covering everything from the product that’s saving them this week to making time for date night and everything in between. What they’ve created is a supportive community for moms that is free of judgement and offers great advice.

“Hilaria and I kind of found each other and in the process of getting to know each other better—having playdates with our kids and going to dinner—inevitably we’d get sidetracked into these deep conversations about motherhood and womanhood and how you juggle it, who you’re learning from right now, and what product is saving your life,” said Oz, who is a mom of three, chef, TV host, author, and entrepreneur. “And they were such interesting and real conversations that we felt like it was probably something that other moms around us, and certainly our audience, would be really compelled by.”

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“Googling what dose of Tylenol to give your child at 2am, comparing baby carriers, or figuring out whether or not to get an epidural are all common issues moms think about and talk about with each other,” said Baldwin, who is a mom of four, yoga teacher, and author of The Living Clearly Method. “If we can sit down in a real way and connect and have some girl talk about this thing that means so much to us [motherhood], we can come up with a great community with great support and answers for people,” she said.

As for the name? Oz and Baldwin want to take back the term from the negative connotation. Typically, when the term mom brain is bandied about, it’s in the negative sense of moms being forgetful, but “it’s a very real thing that I struggle with on a daily basis. I forget what I’m saying as I’m saying it, and it’s so frustrating,” Baldwin said. In an effort to take back the term, this podcast aims to replenish your brain to help you to get smarter, be curious, and give yourself some brain candy. “Also, I love that it’s like, ‘well, what’s on the mom’s brain right now?’” Baldwin added.

The first handful of guests include designer Rebecca Minkoff, musician Sheryl Crow, and Pilates instructor Erika Bloom. Baldwin said they plan to interview celebrity moms as well as moms who aren’t famous because the most important thing to realize is, they are talking about topics parents care about. For example, Crow—who is among Oz’s favorite guests—discussed battling breast cancer, adopting her sons later in life (she was 45), and raising them as a single mother while balancing her music career.

The big thing Oz and Baldwin want listeners to take away from Mom Brain? It’s focused on moms and creating a positive connection: “We’re all looking for our community that’s going to make us feel like we belong,” Oz said.” The podcast might just become the village you’ve been looking for.