• Have A Ball At The Beach

    6 Ideas For Out-Of-The-Box Seaside Fun

    By Sharla Feldscher

    In the summer months, there’s nothing kids love more than a day at the beach. And while it’s hard to imagine them getting tired of the surf, sand and endless sun, sometimes you need a bit of extra inspiration to turn a day of lounging in the sun into an awesome adventure. Sharla Feldscher, the author and blogger behind the KIDFUN activity series, shares a few of her ideas for beachy fun.


    The best part of being at the beach is that getting wet is the plan! Bring a basting tube or a spray bottle (the kind you can buy at the dollar store), fill it with water and let your child start spraying everything in sight— even you! It might be perfect for the family member who just doesn’t want to go in the water, but would love to have her arm and legs sprayed down to cool off, and your child will likely take this new job very seriously! Another task kids love? Painting! Give your kids a bucket of water and a paintbrush and ask them to put a fresh coat of “paint” on the boardwalk railing, a bench, a table and their toys.


    You know those cool parachute games? Here’s an easy way to do this at the beach. You just need a few people to play. Take a beach blanket or oversized sheet and hold the sides above the ground. Take a beach ball and toss it on top of the sheet. How long can you keep that beach ball in the air? Count out loud to raise the stakes and keep the game exciting!


    Toddlers and young kids love hide-and-seek-inspired games. While sitting on the beach, hide a penny in a designated area of sand. Suddenly, it’s buried treasure, and it’s your child’s job to find it! After they find the penny, let them bury it for you, and take turns until you’re too hot and need to get back in the water.


    Take the game of bowling to the great outdoors with an easy and innovative twist. Dig six holes in the sand in a pyramid shape, like the pins in a bowling alley, and smooth the area in front of the holes to make it look like a lane. Then, roll a ball, perhaps the size of a tennis ball, down the lane, trying to get it in a hole. Set up a family bowling tournament for hours of light-hearted competition.


    Nurture your family’s artistic side with a drawing session in the sand. Smooth an area of sand so your kids can draw a picture or a design, and provide “crayons” that might be a small stick, popsicle stick or the flat end of a shovel. Take turns drawing pictures, using beachy objects and elements to inspire you. The sand is also a great canvas for a rousing game of Pictionary.

    Sharla Feldscher is the author of several books, including two “The KIDFUN Activity Books,” published by HarperCollins, and available on amazon.com. She has a public relations firm based in Philadelphia. She blogs at KIDFUNandmore.com.

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