Hastings Yoga Offers Class for Expecting Mothers

Westchester yoga studio Hastings Yoga now offers a prenatal yoga class for expecting mothers. Each pose that is part of the class benefits pregnant women by stretching their bodies and can be used to help with pain during labor.
three women doing the half moon yoga pose
The Half Moon Pose, Ardha Chandrasana, strengthens the core, builds leg and ankle strength, and encourages students to work on finding balance.

Hastings Yoga now offers a prenatal class for expectant moms. It is designed to help prevent and relieve common discomforts of pregnancy and is beneficial at anytime during pregnancy.

The prenatal yoga class, designed and taught by Mila Goulet, is a regular well-rounded yoga class with modifications to accommodate a growing belly and an emphasis on poses that are beneficial to an expectant mom’s body and mind. A typical class includes Sun Salutations to warm up the body, standing poses to strengthen the legs, side bends to make space in the torso for a growing baby, back and forward bends which help to release tension and create space, followed by poses and stretches on the mat to open the hips and stretch leg muscles, finishing with a final relaxation pose. The poses that moms learn in this class can also help to relieve pain during labor, as well as during delivery. 

“Women want company of other pregnant women and the prenatal class provides the environment,” says Liz Farid, owner. “There is a bit of bonding that happens. Our class is different in that there’s more conversation compared to traditional yoga classes. Before the class starts, we have a check-in to introduce names and what stage they are in pregnancy, and general sharing. We want to develop a sense of community for the moms through this class.”

The class meets Saturdays at 11:30am for one hour.


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