NFL Star & Dad-Of-Three Greg Olsen Gives Back With Walgreens

greg olson sitting inside gym with p&g products

Greg Olsen is commonly referred to as the greatest tight end in the NFL, holding the record as the first tight end in history to record three consecutive seasons with 1,000 receiving yards. While his achievements and accolades in football are immense, his work outside of the game is helping to change lives. Olsen is a loving husband, father, and philanthropist. He has his own foundation for those affected by cancer and is doing work with Walgreens and P&G to help families save money on household items!

The Greg Olsen Foundation: Receptions for Research was established in 2009 to provide hospitals, doctors, and resources to help people affected by cancer and cardiovascular diseases. “We’ve since morphed and started a parallel arm after our son TJ was born with a congenital heart defect called the Hardest Yard,” Olsen says. “These two programs are very near and dear to our hearts and mean a great deal to us, and give us a lot of purpose.”

In addition to his work with The Greg Olsen Foundation, he is “Coach BOGO50,” working with Walgreens and P&G to help spread the word to families across the country about the buy-one-get-one 50% off on select P&G products during October. “These are products that we all have come to rely on and use and is just a great way to kind of stock up on things that we all have come to enjoy on a daily basis,” Olsen notes. This initiative is doing wonders for families as we near the holidays and the demand for these everyday items go up.

In between his time on the field and his work with the foundation and P&G, you wonder how he does it all while also spending time with his family, and there isn’t always a clear-cut answer. “Your family obviously has to be a priority and so does your career. It’s hard, I don’t think there’s a perfect answer…I think it goes back and forth depending on the time, and the time of year, and the needs and wants of everyone,” Olsen says. He adds: It’s definitely a unique challenge as you get older in your life and your needs and life changes.”

Olsen and his family spend time together every chance they get and often like to take the kids traveling. He also coaches his kids in the sports and activities they take part in! “You know it’s a different dynamic than it was before I had kids playing in the NFL and you had a lot more time for different things, but I wouldn’t trade it, it’s been a blast,” Olsen says, adding: “My boys play baseball, basketball, and football, and my daughter plays soccer, and I’ve noticed as they’ve gotten older, their interests have changed, they have minds of their own now.”

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