Long Island Private School Welcomes New Head of School

Green Vale School, a private school in Nassau County on Long Island, recently appointed Jesse Dougherty, Ed.D., as its new head of school.

With an educational legacy spanning more than 90 years, Green Vale School’s motto, “the best endures,” describes a school that aims to inspire its students to achieve greatness by instilling a strong sense of character and by fostering community awareness. These are the qualities that Jesse Dougherty, Ed.D., recognized in the students at Green Vale when he was first appointed head of school last October.

“I walked on the campus, and what I saw were students who were confident and who fully embraced this community. I could just see they are self-possessed children who are excited to be here and are willing to learn,” says Dougherty, whose appointment officially began in July.

As an independent day school serving pre-nursery through eighth grade students, the Green Vale School’s mission is to prepare all students for their best future. Although the academic program is rigorous, the emphasis of the curriculum is on nurturing the creative spirit of each child so that they are challenged to work hard and achieve success in a variety of disciplines. Among the highlights of the curriculum are the school’s math, science, and arts programs, which Dougherty says are integral to developing a future ready child.

In his new role, Dougherty will focus on expanding hands-on learning opportunities and building the emphasis on community involvement. “It’s very important at a young age to feel connected to something that is larger than yourself. Our students are challenged to understand the nuances of a global world,” Dougherty says.

Main photo: Head of School Jesse Dougherty, Ed.D., with the 2015-2016 student council officers
Main photo by Jack A. Zolla