Great Tips & Products For Families With Pets

Few things make a family feel more complete than the addition of a pet. But when dogs or cats are feeling bored, that’s usually when your expensive throw pillow becomes a chew toy or a scratching post. Destructive behavior is a common occurrence when an animal doesn’t get enough stimulation or exercise. Keep your pets busy and your pillows pristine by employing toys that engage and entertain.

Products like the Hagen’s Catit Design Senses Play Circuit for kitties and Hagen’s Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy are designed to make your cat or dog work to extract individual treats, keeping them busy and happy. Living in the city can present an added challenge when it comes to accommodating a dog or cat—especially when you have an apartment with limited space. With all the responsibilities that come with it, owning a pet can sometimes feel like taking on another kid! Fortunately, there are plenty of products available that make pet parenting a breeze.

With the limited space of an apartment, it’s hard to hide an unsightly crate, and it can be even harder to convince the family pets to stay off the furniture. But if they have a bed that’s just as comfy and stylish as yours, this doesn’t have to be a problem. For something just as cute as your pooch, you can find cozy enclosures like this line of Prima Dog’s Nano Pet beds, which come in a variety of playful characters that your children will love, too! If you’d prefer something that blends right in with the rest of the furniture, give your dog his own couch with this chic Dog Sofa Bed. To provide your cat with a clever hideout of his own, this Teepee Cat Playhouse from Biscuit is both adorable and compact.

Bideawee is a great resource for those looking to adopt a pet, with services offered in obedience and training as well as matching animals with the right home to ensure a lasting relationship. If you’re looking to add a furry new member to your family, skip the pet store and instead try visiting one of many local animal shelters, like Animal Haven in lower Manhattan. There are a vast number of adoptable cats and dogs in shelters all throughout the city, but unfortunately, the availability of these animals surpasses the demand. By going the shelter route, you’ll be giving a displaced dog or cat a second chance at a happy home.