Getting An A In Admissions: New York Family’s 2015-2016 Admissions Guide

An essential reason why many families are choosing to stay in the city, even if they have the means to live elsewhere, is because they are happy with their school choices. And often, when parents are evaluating their school options, they want to explore more than one sector before deciding which way to go. So, to help you take a big-picture approach to all the potential possibilities, here’s an overview of the three largest school sectors: Public (including charter schools), independent (including nursery), and Catholic.

Kindergarten teacher reading to children

Public Schools 

The public school section focuses on admissions policies and procedures for pre-K, Kindergarten, G&T, and charter. Stay tuned for an expanded version including sections on middle school, high school, special needs, and other related education topics.

Independent Schools 

For our section on independent school admissions, we start with the nursery school process, which is similar to the process for Kindergarten admissions, but also has some important distinctions. Stay tuned for an expanded version of the story featuring a discussion of admissions to middle school, high school, and boarding school.

Catholic Schools

This is a review of the admissions process for Catholic schools under the Archdiocese of New York, a process which is undergoing significant changes, and also happens to attract a substantial number of non-Catholics as well as Catholics. Of course there are other educational institutions in the city with religious foundations but most of those schools operate independently. Stay tuned for an expanded version of this story which will include a list of prominent Jewish schools and other religious schools.