Get a Clue

Some of the most fun moments of parenting come from recreating the joyful moments from our own childhoods, like time spent playing a favorite board game. Enjoy some of those wintry, house-bound days a whole lot more by solving the mystery of whodunnit with the Clue Luxury Edition Board Game.

A memorable gift for a child ages 8 and older, this edition of the classic game features a three-dimensional game board housed in a wood case with a tempered glass lid. The tokens and game pieces are hewn from wood and die-cast metal, and stowed in a faux leather storage box.

In Clue, budding Sherlocks move from room to room in a mansion to solve the mystery of who committed the murder, with what tool, and in which room. It’s elementary, my dear reader, that the only mystery left to solve is what snacks you’re going to serve on game night.

Clue Luxury Edition Board Game, $199.99, www.brook‌