FOX & Friends Weekend’s Abby Huntsman Talks Pregnancy And The Working Mom Life

Abby Huntsman, a co-host on “FOX & Friends Weekend, is expecting her first child—and it’s a girl! She couldn’t be happier preparing for one of the biggest chapters in her life and her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, was just as over-the-moon, too (see the cute pregnancy reveal video below).

“I have to say, he has been so excited since we found out,” Huntsman says. “She’s going to have him wrapped around her finger. She’s the first girl grandchild in the family, so we’re so excited for that.”

Huntsman is already well into her second trimester but as far as the first? It was a bit of a challenge. During the first couple of months, Huntsman was as nauseous as ever and going about her day wasn’t easy, especially when she works long hours at the office. Now, she’s taking a more laid-back approach to her pregnancy and having the best time with it all.

Her energy levels have risen, but so have her thoughts about city living as a parent. Just like many new parents, Huntsman and her husband think about what the best environment is for their child to grow up in. Living in the city that never sleeps, Huntsman knew it was best to look at the positives and have high hopes that her baby girl will learn all about the vastly different cultures around the city and how to appreciate what she has.

Both Huntsman and Livingston work extremely long hours and sometimes go days without seeing each other, but it’s the time they have together that makes up for the loss.

“One minute you’re crying and you go: ‘I’m so excited for this baby.’ I feel like every woman can relate. You just go through so many things at once and my husband has been my rock. I wonder how can he stay with me,” Huntsman jokes. “You have all these weird cravings, I feel like I’m eating like a five-year-old again because all I want are chicken fingers and fries and pizza. I can down a whole jar of pickles in one sitting.”

You read right, one sitting! She also said she has been nonstop craving some warm and hearty diner food. Luckily for her, she gets sent around the country to talk to folks in diners about politics, so while she’s there, why wouldn’t she just pick up something to eat?

Her baby isn’t due until November, but she is already giving great advice for expectant moms: “Just make sure you take time for yourself—you’ve got to be selfish. If you can’t go out to a dinner event with friends, then don’t go out. You’ve just got to rest,” Huntsman says.

Breaking the news to the family was priceless and she did it in the best way, using her ultrasound. “I had my family come over to my apartment and we put our ultrasound on our kitchen table and we didn’t say anything. Finally my mom looked at the photo and she just starts screaming,” Huntsman says.

The way she did it for the audience on her show was clever as well. Over time, Huntsman had been getting tweets about how she looks like she has the pregnancy glow and how she looks like she’s changing, so she took it upon herself to invite her husband over onto the show for their announcement. Due to the fact that everyone knows the gender, the name will be the big reveal once her baby is born. So don’t tweet at her about it—it’s a secret!

Getting her start back in Utah, Huntsman used to work for a local morning show in her town. During and after college, she had the chance to work for shows like “Good Morning America” and “ABC News” where she developed a deeper love for broadcasting and politics. During the time her dad, Jon Huntsman Jr., was running his presidential campaign, Abby took time off and joined him to help out. Her love for broadcast, performance, and politics has led her where she is today and she couldn’t be happier.

“I love TV, I’ve always loved waking up with people. Being the first person they turn to for news and bringing a smile to their faces is the best,” she says.

Currently Huntsman and Livingston are living in their one-bedroom apartment with their Instagram-able dog George (no really, he has an Instagram account!) getting ready to move into a bigger apartment so their little girl can have a nursery to call her own. You can catch Abby as a co-host on “FOX & Friends Weekend” from 6-10am.