Five Of Jim Gaffigan’s Funniest Parenting Bits

Photo by Ali Smith Photography

Life as an NYC-based father of five provides comedian Jim Gaffigan with plenty of material.

Known as one of the industry’s best “clean” comedians, Gaffigan prides himself on his family-friendly comedy, joking about his love for food and his relationship with his family–especially his struggles and triumphs as a father.

In honor of the second season of the NYF cover dad’s scripted series,“The Jim Gaffigan Show,” which premiered in June, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Gaffigan parenting comedy clips from over the years!

Fans of Gaffigan will also enjoy this CBS News report,  which provides an inside look at his family’s hectic former residence–a two-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side– which inspired their fictional family home on the show. (They’ve since moved to a more spacious NoHo pad.)

For even more on Gaffigan, check out our cover feature, “If You Give A Dad A Doughnut…”from New York Family’s June/July  2014 issue!

1. First on our list  is Gaffigan’s routine “4 Kids,” the headline track on his 2012 Album, “Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe.”  In this live performance, Gaffigan recounts the birth of his fourth and, at the time, newest child, his relationship with his wife and his other children, and the hilarious dynamic of having four kids in the house.

2. Gaffigan’s family-friendly comedic style is put on full display in this video here as Gaffigan “confronts” his baby son Michael about his “freeloading”: “When are you going to start contributing? You don’t have a job, you don’t clean up. I mean granted, you don’t eat much.”

3. In this standup clip, Gaffigan vents to fellow parents about a family trip to Disney.  Gaffigan’s hilarious and relatable commentary on waiting in lines, constantly eating, and hoping your kids are having fun is sure to make you laugh.

4. Moving on to Gaffigan’s third album, “Obsessed,” here’s another sidesplitting clip called  “5 Kids.” From interactions with strangers to desperate conversations with God and the distinctive struggles of life with a big family, Gaffigan leaves no topic unturned.

5. Finally, here’s a promo video for the Father’s Day premier of the second season of “The Jim Gaffigan Show” in which the comedian’s children reach out to the viewing audience in a truly hysterical–and adorable–way.