Financial Advisor Launches Seminar Series on How to Finance Raising Your Child

In June, National Financial Network Financial Advisor Lisa Macbeth launched Financing Baby, a series of seminars introducing families to the ins and outs of financial planning. Anyone, from first-time moms and dads to multi-child parents of any socioeconomic background, is welcome to attend. Financing Baby seminars are held once a month across various neighborhoods in New York.

It wasn’t until Macbeth, veteran financial expert with twenty years of experience, became a first-time mother that she finally understood the stress many parents experience when it comes to their finances. Financing Baby emerged out of her new passion: to help families navigate the confusing–and at times conflicting–literature on financial planning.

“This is the first step to getting this information to the people who need it the most,” says Macbeth.

In each two-day session, Macbeth covers crucial financial topics parents must know when it comes to raising their children, including what happens if a family member becomes ill, how to pay for school and college, how to transfer wealth, how to take advantage of the various tax deductions available, and life insurance and estate planning.

From the early diaper days to college and all the years in between, raising a child can be expensive. Macbeth’s goal is to take on the emotional weight of financial planning.

“People have so much shame around finances,” she says. “Things happen. We just have to plan for the best.”

A tax-deductible registration fee of $25 covers breakfast for both sessions. The rest will be donated to the Kota Alliance, which provides spaces for women-focused businesses and organizations. The fee may be waived if necessary. To do so, please contact Macbeth directly.

To sign up for future Financing Baby seminars, visit For more information, contact Lisa Macbeth at [email protected] or 646-885-2820.