ARTECHOUSE “MAGENTAVERSE” Explores Color, Science and the World Around Us



The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is coming to life at ARTECHOUSE, the leading institution for technology-driven art experiences in New York City, to ignite the artist in all of us!

Originally opened in the fall of 2019, ARTECHOUSE is on a mission to expand the possibilities of art and how we experience it. Their newest exhibition is an exploration ofcolor inspired by 2023 Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta.

As you enter the space you’re surrounded by 270-degrees of floor-to-wall high resolution images that send you through a cinematic journey through a euphoric color universe, where you will experience an alternate reality (without needing a clunky headset). This is the fourth consecutive year ARTECHOUSE and Pantone are collaborating to reveal the Pantone Color of the Year, but the very first time a dedicated exhibit will be open to the public.

The experience centers around a 22-minute audiovisual show featuring a huge, floor-to-wall panoramic projection and surround-sound technology that will transport you into the vibrant world of Viva Magenta.

This year’s color of the year, Viva Magenta is inspiredby the cochineal beetle which produces carmine dye, one of the most precious, strongest and brightest of the natural dye family. Like the cochineal beetle, the red tone of Viva Magenta connects us to original matter, imbibing us with a primordial signal of strength. Visitors will likely leave the MAGENTAVERSE embarking their everyday lives with a sense of power, empowerment, and hope for a more positive future.

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“Through the intersection of art, science, and cutting-edge technology, we wanted to offer visitors a multi-sensory experience that embodies and celebrates the striking and expressive nature of Viva Magenta,” said Sandro Kereselidze, ARTECHOUSE Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

Sara Walker, Senior Director of Marketing for Pantone, describes MAGENTAVERSE as “an unexpected and exciting color universe we look forward to sharing that combines the influences of art, design, science, and t.”

On view to the public from Jan. 20 through May 2023, MAGENTAVERSE is an exciting and welcoming environment for casual art lovers and experts alike.

Children and young families will be delighted by the spectacle and enter a virtual world without the need for a device like VR glasses! This experience is more than an art exhibit, inviting visitors to ignite creativity and redefine what’s possible at the intersection of technology and art.

Families save on visits to MAGENTAVERSE with family packages at $18/pp. Looking for a night out? Their space is the most unique date spot in NYC, offering exhibition-inspired XR Cocktails and Mocktails powered by their free app. Visit Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to close for their Beyond the Bar Program, which is $22 (and the first drink is on ARTECHOUSE!).


Tips for your visit:
• Download their app ahead of time
• Book in advance and save as a local, family or even happy hour prices during Beyond the Bar
• Charge your phone! There’s lots of great moments to capture your memories
• Traveling with little ones? Bring a blank piece of paper and crayons and find moments of inspiration to spark some creativity!

ARTECHOUSE is home to the world’s leading artists who use technology to create. You can visit that home in NYC at 439 W 15th Street beneath the iconic and historic Chelsea Market.

Their experience offers one room with infinite possibilities meant to inspire us all in the future of creativity. With MAGENTAVERSE, explore the boundless sights, sounds, feelings and inspirations of the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta.



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