École internationale de New York Provides Bilingual Education in French and English

Name of school: École Internationale de New York

Grades: Preschool to eighth grade

Size of student body: 200 students

Educational approach or philosophy: At EINY, the focus is on creating passionate and compassionate global citizens. EINY helps its students prepare for a multiculturally diverse world by enabling them to think critically and work independently and collaboratively. All teaching is done in French and English and there are opportunities for students to learn Spanish and Mandarin, which is all part of the value placed on global learning. At EINY, the rigorous curriculum of France is combined with America’s approach to empowering creative and critical thinking, according to the school’s website. 

“EINY strives to empower all students to succeed in a quickly changing world, where languages increasingly connect people and determine your prospects for future jobs and professional success,” says Yves Rivaud, founder and head of school. “Our highly qualified faculty takes pride in guiding students in learning their subjects in at least two languages, so children not only succeed academically, but also become compassionate world citizens.” 

What makes the school unique: EINY’s staff is made up of certified teachers who are all native French speakers and have spent time teaching abroad. While 30 nationalities are represented in the student body, class sizes are kept small, and teachers combine personalized attention with their own international experiences.  

“Our small size is our strength, not a setback. We are able to provide a bilingual, academically rigorous education with lots of individual attention, so that every child can explore and blossom as a student and also as a person in our diverse, international environment,” Rivaud says.

In addition to a traditional curriculum, students will gain an understanding of the arts, sports, and multicultural traditions. Artistic, historical, and cultural institutions also provide curriculum for various programs throughout the year. 

École Internationale de New York is located at 111 E. 22nd St., Gramercy. For more information, call 646-410-2238 or visit einy.org.

Main image: First-graders at École Internationale de New York work on coding the movements of a robot during French instruction time. 


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