Double-Daring Camp for Girls to Open Park Slope Location

Double-Daring Camp for Girls will soon open a Park Slope location for its popular day camp and engage campers in a Greek mythology-themed quest at the end of each weekly session.

Due to the popularity of Double-Daring Camp for Girls, held last summer in Downtown Brooklyn, it is opening a second Brooklyn location in Park Slope.

Double-Daring Camp for Girls, held in Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn, takes place in weeklong sessions from June 26-Aug. 18 for campers ages 5-12. Double-Daring Camp for Girls also has a counselor-in-training program for girls ages 13-14.

Another new feature this summer is the quest element, which will be added to the end of each weekly session. Director Jean Hall describes this activity, which will take place in Prospect Park, as “a moment of interactive play in a kind of a Sleep No More fashion, but for the children.” This year the quest theme will be Greek mythology. “It’s a theatrical, imaginative way of bringing stories to life,” Hall adds. “I’m really excited about it because it’s such an important part of Plato Learning [which owns the camp]—our main goal is to bring stories to life for kids.” 

At Double-Daring Camp for Girls, campers receive mentorship from daring professional women and take classes in archery, rock climbing, and trapeze, along with lessons in digital media and a variety of fine arts. Weekly Masterclass workshops will be led by influential women such as Olympian Kellie Wells Brinkley, chef Vanessa Cantave, set designers Mimi Lien and Lauren Jellinek, gardener Sajata Epps, and artist Alex Bell. The same activities will take place each week throughout the summer and across the two camp locations, but the Masterclass will change.

“I like to describe Double-Daring as an adventure camp for every girl,” Hall says.  

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Main image: At Double-Daring Camp for Girls campers engage in a range of activities from archery to arts and crafts.
Courtesy Double-Daring Camp for Girls