DIY Decor: Balloon Crafts And Ideas

Few things scream “children’s party” like bobbing balloons. If you’re looking for easy, cost-effective ways to add a pop of color and a dash of whimsy, try these DIY balloon decor ideas and see for more inspiration.

Confetti Galore: One of our favorite balloon trends is the ever-gorgeous clear balloon speckled with colorful confetti. With smaller chunks of confetti, slip a rolled-up paper cone into the neck a balloon that hasn’t yet been inflated and funnel it in. With bigger chunks, fold up the confetti so that it can fit into the neck, then use a pen to push it through. The possibilities here are endless—metallic, pastel, dinosaur-shaped—so be creative! Remove the cone and blow up the balloon, then tie as usual. Looks best with helium.

Blinged Out Tips: Brush the pointy tips of blown-up balloons with thinned down white glue. (Either use a brand like Mod Podge or add enough water to a good old classic like Elmer’s so that the glue isn’t too goopy to spread.) Roll tips on a large piece of paper spread with a thin layer of glitter or dip into a bowl of glitter, patting on additional glitter to fill empty patches when necessary.

A Wall of Rainbow: You don’t need to get fancy with helium to create an airborne effect. Fix one to three rows of rainbow-colored balloons to the wall with just a bit of Scotch tape, rolled up with the sticky side out. If creating more than one row, each column should be uniform in color. Right below each balloon, tape a few strands of color-coordinated streamers at the top.

Double-Layered Fun: Another pretty trick for clear balloons. Insert a pen or straw into the balloon for the inside, then push it into the neck of the clear balloon. Line up the necks of both balloons and remove the pen. For inflation, you’ll need a helium inflator or air pump, first inserting the nozzle between the balloons and blowing up the outside balloon, all the while pinching and hanging on to the inside balloon. Pinch at the top of the necks and remove the nozzle, then insert it into the neck of the inside balloon. Inflate until desired size, remove nozzle, then tie.

A note about helium: There’s no denying the awesomeness that is floating balloons. Most party stores around the city rent big helium tanks, or you can purchase smaller ones that fill up to 50 balloons for around $30-$40 at stores like Target.

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