Diverse Holiday Icons That Will Add Extra Magic to the Holiday Season

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Diverse Holiday Icons!

While celebrating the magic of the holiday season be sure to keep your eyes open for the many famous, holiday icons that make their cameos during this most wonderful time of the year. No matter what or how you celebrate during the winter holiday season, these favorite icons make this time of year even more meaningful and fun.

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The Elf on the Shelf

One of the most famous and most loved Christmas holiday icons is the ever-popular The Elf on the Shelf. This Christmas, the adventure continues with “snow” many new, fun adventures to have with your Scout Elf like a cheery countdown to Christmas riding the North Pole Advent Train and magical moments with MagiFreeze Tiny Tidings Tutu and MagiFreeze Holiday Hipster. Scout Elves can live out their best life with MagiFreeze, a combo of cute costume and support stand, that makes your Scout Elf stand above the rest.

New to The Elf on the Shelf family this year are huggable and playable Elf Mates who are sent from the North Pole from Santa to raise cheer through kindness and good deeds. The three-pack bundle includes all the Elf Mates (Chef, Toy Maker and Cobbler) and an enchanting book that explains how the Elf Mates help Santa by inspiring acts of kindness and cheer. The Elf Mates prove they are Santa’s truest pals by reminding us all why it is better to give than to receive!

The Mensch on a Bench 

It is so much “funakkah” to celebrate Hanukkah with the beloved Hanukkah icon The Mensch on a Bench. Moshe The Mensch brings families together and adds more festive fun to the festival of lights by watching over the family’s Menorah. Move him each night of Hanukkah and share photos with friends and family. Joining the Mensch family this year is The Zebra from Zion, an adorable plush ‘menorah-striped’ zebra that includes a hardcover storybook about Bashert the zebra who is proud of his Jewish faith but he’s the only Jew in the Jungle.

Moshe the Mensch learns from his new friend what it’s like to live a Jewish life when there’s not another member of the tribe for miles! Kids will want to invite the whole Mensch family home for the Hanukkah holidays, including Mitzvah Moose, an adorable moose with candle antlers that light up like a menorah that encourages kids to do good deed; a Dancing Bubbe; and Snowmensch, the first Jewish Snowman.

Modi Toys Mantra Singing Plush Toys

Cuddle up with our favorite holiday icon for Diwali, Baby Krishna from Modi Toys, makers of the first-ever mantra-singing Baby Ganesh. These are sure to create excitement when they appear every Diwali! They spark curiosity about Indian roots through play. Each one of their huggable, plush toys plays mantras respective to the deity, making it interactive, engaging and educational.

Some can even be personalized with your name and audio for an extra special touch. They are sure to be a child’s new best friend during Diwali and every day. There’s also Baby Hanuman, and Baby Krishna plush toys and the Omni Bundle, which has each of the four plush deities that Modi Toys offers.

American Girl 

Nothing says holiday icon like American Girl, with its annual, limited edition winter holiday doll and now there’s something extra special this holiday for everyone. American Girl’s Cultural Celebration Outfit collection is perfect to honor the many special occasions and traditions girls in the United States and around the world celebrate each year. American Girl debuted a capsule collection of six Cultural Celebration Outfits representing Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Eid al-Fitr, and Kwanzaa

The outfits are rich with realistic details and made with high-quality fabrics and unique design elements, such as gold embroidery, brocade, and rhinestone embellishments, to enhance their significance and authenticity. The incredible craftsmanship and darling details are so beautiful that you will wish it came in your size for the holidays. 

The Hess Truck 

The Hess Truck is back every year and it’s always better than ever. This holiday favorite is one of the most iconic inanimate holiday icons! The 2021 Hess Cargo Plane and Jet is an impressive, heavy-load transport aircraft —it is the largest Hess vehicle ever! The 2021 Hess Cargo Plane and Jet has landed in the fleet, all geared up for high flying adventure with 6 remarkably lifelike, button and motion activated flying sounds, and enough LED bulbs to light up the night sky!

The plane includes six turbine engines, free-rolling, foldable landing gear, and 32 high visibility lights that provide an impressive glow. A quick press of the taillight will release the rear cargo bay doors, providing access to the Jet. The accompanying Jet completes this formidable flying duo.