Desperate need of love

I’m pretty sure it was more than St. Valentine’s Day that prompted a celebration of love in the month of February. Living in the Northeast means that by now we are sick and tired of winter and are looking forward to anything to help us feel warm and nurtured. Just like holiday lights at Winter Solstice, love and hearts and chocolate candy sounds pretty darned good in early February.

As we read the horrible news headlines emerging around the globe, one has little doubt that this world is in desperate need of love. We read about the horrors of children whose childhoods are sabotaged by an array of devastation. We pale with disbelief that any child’s reality could be so shocking and so devoid of love that in it’s place is obscenity. Yet we also know these are truths and that the headlines don’t lie.

Knowing these horrendous truths should prompt all of us who are largely blessed with prosperity, health, and opportunity, the means and skill to be profound nurturers and love givers/teachers.

We have mused on this topic of love in many ways in this issue. We have of course pointed out events around town that will help us celebrate the Cupid in us all and we have naturally written about ways to love better and more successfully. Perhaps more importantly, we have attempted to talk about methods for teaching love to our children. We have had experts in this topic give us some sound direction to find some keys to the process. We have even touched on the topic of in-laws and it’s not just comedians who understand the significance of that source of possible friction.

In thinking about love, I myself, have pondered the difficulty of letting go as well as holding on. Sometimes the better expression of love is in not being active, but in stepping back and watching from afar. For me and for most “empty-nesters” not being the parent who is loving up close anymore is having to learn a new way of operating through this magical thing we call love. When to give and when not to becomes our new mantra and modus operandi.

Enjoy this crazy winter month and have fun in the snow and ice. For sure, we will be getting it. It’s February in the Northeast. Be joyful and love each other. As Lennon and McCartney said “Love is the Answer.” Without a doubt.

Thanks for reading.