Demands on today’s preteens and teens different from our experiences

Something happens to most children when they are nearing their teen years. Think back to your own experience. Reaching puberty is complicated and consuming and that part of it never really changes. What changes are the needs and demands of today’s young people in this strong digital age, in an age when so much information is at their fingertips, literally.

There is a lot of confusion in the years that begin at 10, 11 or 12 and go on through to the 20s, and also a myriad of changes. All kinds of things are affected, like sleep, moods, growing pains of all kinds, and certainly awareness of sexuality.

I remember back to my own preteen and teen years and can recall how exciting it was and at the same time how challenging. Experiencing that time through my daughter showed me that although many things stay the same, a great deal has also changed. Kids these days are more informed, more aware and less insular than we were. The internet has added its influence as well as social media.

New pressures, competitive realities, and, of course, being kids in a major and busy metropolis like New York City all add their effects to what used to be more innocent times in one’s growth experience. These kids are savvy and in the know. They are tuned in and connected. Often, as parents, we struggle to keep up with them. It remains our responsibility however, to keep aware of their circumstances and try to remain current.

The main reason we focus on teens this month is because many of the high schools in our communities are having open houses for next year’s registration. Whether you are interested in public or private options, there is something for everyone and we’re proud to present some of the terrific schools located around the boroughs. It’s an important time for our kids and they need us to be vested and engaged along with them. Make sure you look around carefully for the best school option for your child’s needs.

Happy Fall! Thanks for reading.