Delicious disguise: Chef and lobster costume gets laughs

Everyone knows that babies are scrumptious, so the “Chef and Lobster Baby Carrier Costume Kit” is a ghoulishly hilarious Halloween ensemble. The set includes two costumes: There’s a chef hat and apron for the adult, and a lobster carrier cover and a fully lined crustacean cap for the entree, er, infant. This culinary combo could not be more easy to put on or be more comfortable for baby on their first Halloween. One size fits all, and the cover fits most rear-facing carriers. This costume allows the parent unfettered mobility and have his hands free to help baby’s older siblings at spooky parties and while trick-or-treating.

Make sure to bring a lobster pot or pumpkin bag, because the best part of this costume is that Mom or Dad gets to eat all of baby’s candy!

“Chef and Lobster Baby Carrier Costume Kit,” $62,