Dancing In The Dugout

I don’t know what the dance move is called—if you do please let me know—but my 12-year-old son really likes to do it and he’s quite good at. He basically swiveled his way through Paris during our family vacation at the end of summer—and he hasn’t stopped since.

At the same time, for the last two months, there wasn’t much more he could do with his time because he’s been recuperating from a concussion. He’s now been cleared for two weeks, and this weekend he returned to his baseball team for his first official game.

But whether it’s the Louve or the dugout, the boy enjoys his move, and it turns out the star of the baseball team is also a fan of the move.

My wife caught them on tape. See the video below and look closely.

Unfortunately, my wife’s timing was off by about 10 seconds.

After exchanging dance moves with his buddy, Adam went to the plate on his big comeback day and hit his first home run in his career. Right over the centerfield fence. A real dinger.

We don’t have the blast on tape, but I suspect we’ll remember this long after his hips become more sedentary.