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Daddy-daughter time

Josh Bledsoe’s new picture book “Hammer and Nails” is required reading for Father’s Day. Recommended for kids ages 4-8, “Hammer and Nails” tells the story of how Daddy and his daughter, Darcy, combine his list of chores with her plans for a scuttled play date to make a lovely day together. Each of them ventures beyond their comfort zones as Darcy wields a hammer, and Daddy plays nail salon. (Of course, Dad also makes sure they squeeze in a nap!)

Jessica Warwick’s illustrations bring depth and humor to the charming story. It’s easy for parents to get caught up in tackling to-do lists, but Bledsoe gently reminds his adult readers that slowing down to teach our kids how to accomplish tasks — and opening our hearts so we can learn from them — is time well spent.

“Hammer and Nails” book by Josh Bledsoe, $17.95, www.amazon.com.

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