Hey Sloaney: Mama Liza Dare Brings Style for the Littles

Hey Sloaney: Mama Liza Dare Brings Style for the Littles
Photo: Donna Duarte-Ladd

Hey Sloaney: Mama Liza Dare Brings Style for the Littles

Liza Dare has always loved fashion and was part of a group of boutique owners who helped shape the Williamsburg neighborhood’s popular style vibe years back. Liza’s kids’ store, Cute Attack, was stocked with brands from all over the world. The store captured the unique style of North Brooklyn, a vibe that frankly makes Greenpoint/ Williamsburg known for its unique fashion look.

Now, as a mother of two-year-old Sloane- Liza has found her love for fashion reignited by her child’s joy of clothes and the fun she has in styling her every day. And like so many moms who reassessed what they wanted in work-life during this pandemic, Liza knew she wanted to start an online shop destination. Inspired by her own muse Sloane and her group of friends, Liza founded Hey Sloaney, a curated unisex line of clothing for little kids that is well made and, most importantly, meant for play.

We touched base with Liza and chatted about her cool style site available to all regardless of where you live, Hey Sloaney.
Hey Sloaney: Mama Liza Dare Brings Style for the Littles
Photo: Donna Duarte-Ladd
You owned a much-loved children’s boutique (Cute Attack) long before you had kids. What is it about children’s wear that inspires you?

Today, much of children’s fashion is a fun reflection of adult contemporary fashion. It’s cool to see how styles change and how lately, many fashion feels inspired by children’s fashion! I’ve loved clothing since I can remember. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, and when I opened Cute Attack, one of my closest friends and my sister had just had children, so baby fashion was on my mind!

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Now that you have the ultimate style muse in your daughter Sloane how does she inspire you in how you curate Hey Sloaney?
Sloane is very opinionated and has a lot to say. When I first started, she and her friends were the inspiration for everything I curated. Now, I know there are some colors or patterns she loves and some she would never wear. I’m not just buying for parents, I’m buying with for parents who want their kids to actually put their clothes on in the morning!  I’m inspired by her strong will and independence, her love of snuggling and taking care of her baby doll, major dance skills, crazy laugh, and love of dirt. She takes after her mother in that she loves clothing, so I want her to have fun with her fashion! It’s an honor to be her mother (and stylist).

You have shared that community means more than anything to you now, did having a tight community especially during the height of the pandemic help you in how you made choice in work, like starting your own business? 
Absolutely! I felt so lost after having Sloane. I loved her so much, but I had postpartum anxiety which the pandemic did not help. In the Summer of 2020, I started to slowly form my community. Being around moms going through what I was going through, helped me find myself again. I started to slowly style again, style Sloane, and be transparent about what I wanted for my future. My friends gave me the confidence to take the first steps in opening my own business again. It felt like something for myself that I could also share with them.

What are the next steps for Hey Sloaney?
I will be hosting Pop-Ups so shoppers can see the clothing in person. The first one is in December at Parachute Brooklyn, one of our favorite buy-sell-trade shops in Greenpoint. I’ve also been doing postpartum styling and I’m considering somehow intergrading it with Hey Sloaney. It’s such a confusing transition and women deserve to feel supported and good about themselves.
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