Creative Corner of Larchmont to Offer Slime Birthday Parties

During the first week of December, Creative Corner of Larchmont is launching Slime Birthday Parties. Kids can choose from two different types of slime, fluffy or neon. They’ll decorate their slime containers and add whatever extra ingredients they want to make the slime unique, like glitter or glow in the dark paint. Kids can also stay after crafting for pizza, dessert, and piñata time. 

Creative Corner also plans to be open on weekends for workshops and classes throughout the month of December. Historically, weekends have been reserved for birthday parties, but Creative Corner will be adding more classes to the schedule. The art studio is also planning to join a playgroup rotation so kids can play at the store while they craft.

The playgroup options are perfect for a busy mom who needs to occupy her kids will running errands. Your kid can explore their creative side while you check items off your to-do list. She can choose from a variety of projects to keep her busy, including holiday and winter-themed crafts like Santa paintings or crafting gingerbread houses. Some other options include crafting a jewelry box or paper maché. The flat rate for walk-ins is $20 an hour, and the price of which includes a snack of goldfish or pretzels with water. While kids are waiting for their projects to dry, they can craft necklaces, play with Legos or a children’s sewing kit.

On December 20 from 5-8:30pm, Creative Corner will be participating in Larchmont’s Sip N’ Stroll Thursday.

The Creative Corner of Larchmont is a place for people of all ages to learn art and develop their art skills and creativity. For more information visit the Creative Corner of Larchmont website or call 914-833-2880.

Image courtesy of Creative Corner of Larchmont