Cuckoo for Coco-Mat

Situated comfortably in ultra-cool SoHo, the eco-friendly and all-natural home furnishings store Coco-Mat is a haven for green-loving folk. While the brand maintains a steady appeal to those devoted to a life of soy milk, walking into the light-soaked loft is a treat for anyone–especially with a brand new mini-store for kids opening this week. Here’s an exclusive scoop, plus a chance to win a $300 or $100 gift certificate at the bottom of the post!

The environmentally friendly Greek company was “green before it was trendy to be green,” committed to practicality, sustainability, livability, and wellness for every member of the family. The SoHo store is the brand’s only U.S. location, and the new kids shop will serve as the only U.S. venue to access its high quality, healthy products for children.

Upon walking in, the whitewashed space is a breath of fresh air, complete with a fully equipped kitchen that’s ready with a glass of squeezed-right-in-front-of-you juice. After a particularly frantic day, parents can take a break and try out the merchandise with the store’s “book a nap” option, reclining in a suite devoted to prospective customers.

But the real reason parents have been turning to Coco-Mat is that the products are 100% natural, with mattresses fashioned out of unexpected raw materials. For those who want to keep the family surroundings toxin-free, the kids’ line is washable and hypoallergenic and has a fun vibe to boot. Spend an afternoon playing with toy trucks on the plush couch or sipping an espresso at the kitchen table and Coco-Mat’s warm hospitality might just convert you to an all-natural believer…or you’ll just want to move in.

Stay posted for the official opening day. In the meantime, get a sneak peek into what you’ll find in the new kid’s store–they’re treats the kids simply won’t want to live without!


Made from coconut fiber and all-natural rubber, this Skiouros Crib Mattress takes us back to the simple life in comfort. Nurture your baby with a sleeping pad that’s cushier than a night on the beach, but just as natural. No secret springs or poking feathers…you can see every component by unzipping the two-layer removable cover that takes some of the hassle out of washing. This genius sleeping buddy is a must-have for any mom or dad: It’s free of chemicals and completely hypoallergenic, while being practical and hassle-free. ($490)

This Jersey Fitted Sheet for Kids is perfect for outfitting all-natural beds. The comfy covers are soft as can be, colored with dyes that are completely untouched by dangerous chemicals. With these gentle products, parents who don’t want kids’ soft cheeks touching any harmful material can rest assured. This bedding comes in solid or Kleoniki (polka dot) in a range of fun yet understated colors. (Solid $20, Kleoniki $50)


Bring natural, plastic-free fun into the playroom with this cotton Bird toy. It’s no ugly duckling, but it’s got beauty inside as well as out with a soft stuffing of fiber made from seeds of the kapok tree. This huggable playmate is totally adorable and with its worry-free material, it’s sure to become both you and your child’s very best friend. ($30)

Make any room a cool hangout space for kids with these Takis Pillows. The large cushions are great for youngsters who are always sprawling on the floor. Whether you’re watching TV or goofing around, these cushions add comfort to floor lounging and serve as a great option for alternative seating when friends are over. The pillows add a tinge of relaxed cool to a room and come in custom fabrics that cover a wholesome filling of all-natural rubber. ($180)

Coco-Mat’s Myrtis Bunk-Bed is a flexible, long-lasting furniture option for kids. The modern, clean style crafted in beech wood is an amazing investment that really grows with your child. The colored bands make the piece fun and unique and double as a bulletin board that kids can slip things in. The bands are also customizable, so you can choose whatever color combo fits your little ones’ personal style. (Starting at $3,100)


Enter to win one of three gift certificates so you can have a shopping spree at Coco-Mat! You could snag one of two $100 gift certificates, or you may be the lucky winner of our grand prize certificate of $300. Just post on our Facebook page with your favorite apartment organizing or space-saving tip. Then, email us at and put “Coco” in the subject line. Deadline is Friday, August 17.

Good luck and good Greek comfort to all!

The Coco-Mat store is at 49 Mercer St. between Broome and Grande