Chop, slurp, laugh

If you need some mouth-watering cooking inspiration, the foodies behind the popular website are releasing hundreds of their popular recipes in a new, photo-filled cookbook, “Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend,” on Oct. 16.

The Delish team, helmed by editor Joanna Saltz, presents straight-forward, uncomplicated instructions; we easily prepared — and scarfed down — its “Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Bake” and the “Tuscan Tortellini Soup.”

“We wanted to create a place for someone who, we imagined, loved to eat more than he or she loved to cook,” writes Saltz.

Mission accomplished! “Delish” makes you laugh while preparing distinctly American and Tex-Mex fare.

The chapter on sandwiches is dubbed “’Wiches, Bitches” (and we can’t wait to make the “Giant Party Sub” — with our Bundt pan! Mind blown!), while Chapter 5 really sums up many school nights with its moniker: “What the Fork’s for Dinner?” Jumping on the unicorn bandwagon, Delish details a recipe for lavishly embellished white chocolate, in which the editors hilariously use “unicorn” as a verb meaning “to add a sh*t ton of color, sparkles, and sprinkles to something.” Genius.

Delish is a celebration of gooey cheese (the brighter the orange, the better for your Instagram!), bacon — on everything (“Bacon Pickle Pizza,” “BLT Sushi,” “Bloody Mary Bombs” and “Bacon Pancake Dippers”), and enjoying time around the table with family.

“Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend” by Joanna Saltz and the editors of Delish, $30,

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