Child Behavior Consulting to Start Full-Time Services on July 1

Child Behavior Consulting (CBC)  of Suffolk County will transition into a full-time operation on July 1. President and founder of Child Behavior Consulting, Lisa Navarra, M.S. Ed. in Special Education, has facilitated a number of changes to CBC in the last few months. In May, Navarra launched a series of author visits and workshops for her three picture books, designed to teach kids pre-K through sixth grade crucial strategies for self-regulation and self-monitoring. In June, Navarra partnered with Boards of Cooperative Educational Services of New York State to offer her educational services directly in the school district. 

CBC provides behavioral services for children who struggle with behavioral, academic, and/or social-emotional challenges and need support in learning how to regulate their actions. Navarra works with children with ADHD, Executive Functioning Deficit, learning disabilities, and mood disorders. Through workshops and presentations, she helps her clients learn that a calm mind is integral to a calm body. 

“We educate children and adults on conditions and deficits while teaching them how to use practical strategies so children can be the very best they can be,” says Navarra. 

CBC also offers private, one-hour consultations for kids and their families. Using a very individualized approach, Navarra adjusts each session to meet her client's exact needs. This means that while one client may have his or her parent join, another may invite the entire family, allowing Navarra to take a systemic approach to working with the child. 

Each consultation usually begins with a period of interactive play, during which Navarra coaches the client through various strategies. At the end of the session, Navarra will have walked the child through different situations and supported him or her with visual and verbal prompting systems.

“We build the skills from the inside out to let the outside in,” she said. When asked what this means to her, she responded, “We need to start with ourselves, as both children and adults.”

For more information about Child Behavior Consulting, visit the Child Behavior Consulting website or contact Lisa Navarra directly at 631-617-1958.

Main Image:  Navarra launched a series of author visits and workshops for her three picture books designed to teach kids Pre-K through sixth grade crucial strategies for self-regulation and positive self-concept.