Scoop : Calvert | Children Aren’t Standardized, Education Shouldn’t Be Either

The challenges of 2020 have students and parents searching for creative solutions to keep their academic progress positive and upward. The last six months have shown us how challenging it is to keep kids interested in learning and away from spending leisure time on the couch. However, if 2020 has taught us anything, we are up for the challenge, especially when it comes to our children’s education.

What do parents do? Where do we find the resource that will help our kids? Easy. We work with experts. With nearly 115 years of experience, Calvert provides world-class education and rigorous academic work at home for a fraction of private school education costs. 

Children aren’t standardized, and their education shouldn’t be either. That’s why Calvert offers two acclaimed models that ensure students continue their education uninterrupted during this disruptive time.

How Does it Work? 

Calvert Homeschool provides print courses to instill a love of learning in young scholars in grades K-2 and always-accessible online programs for grades 3-12. The media-rich, interactive online content also is available around the clock,which busy parents certainly appreciate. Online students get access to coursework, a school calendar, and messages at Calvert Online. Younger students’ print materials check for mastery at the end of each worktext, so you know when they’re ready for more advanced lessons. 

What if I Can’t Do it on My Own?

For more individualized educational support, Calvert Academy blends the flexibility of homeschooling with a private school’s academic support. Students enrolled in Calvert Academy receive learning plans based on their unique goals, skills, and learning style. Placement tests help identify gaps in knowledge and center the approach to students’ needs. 

A combination of interactive lessons, practical projects, and cumulative tests comprise Calvert Academy’s rigorous online curriculum. Students learn via engaging videos, animations, and learning games that maximize their engagement. Lessons focus on the main subject areas (history and geography, math, language arts, and science). Still, there are also more than 70 electives available and 40 innovative career and technology courses that put students on practical paths to post-grad success.

Students work with a team of experienced, enthusiastic educators specializing in online learning. Whether through messaging, online classrooms, or one-on-one conversations, Calvert Academy provides a team of educational support to help your child master content.

Calvert’s teachers and staff maintain essential records that can be requested by parents at any time. Because online distance learning requirements vary by state, staff provide every type of record needed to meet laws or regulations. Calvert Academy also keeps official high school transcripts.

Parents can rest assured their children are getting a quality education thanks to Calvert’s accreditation from AdvancED, the largest accrediting body globally, representing 34,000 schools across the United States and 70 other nations. 


When Can I Start?

At Calvert Academy, courses begin throughout the year with open enrollment options and multiple start days each month. Students learn at their own pace, advancing to more difficult concepts or spending more time on mastery, whichever is right for them. 

Calvert offers free consultations for any family. Don’t feel trapped by challenging circumstances. Reach out today to discover a new model of learning flexible enough to fit both your and your children’s schedules. To talk with a friendly education specialist today, simply call 877-760-0289. 

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