Bundle Of Joy

It’s a classic New York City romance. Girl meets fashion, falls in love and leaves Wall Street to follow her dreams. But Allison MacCullough’s brainchild is unique. Bundle, MacCullough’s new Soho baby and children’s boutique, isn’t afraid of taking risks. The bright, cozy store is filled with one-of-a-kind designs, outfitting little ones ages 0 to 4 with big-city style. We sat down with MacCullough to talk about her vision for the store.

What was the idea behind Bundle?

I wanted to showcase really cute, unique lines that were reasonably priced. I found that, for an area like New York, the shopping capital of the world, there’s a very limited selection. It was either mass market or it was super expensive baby couture boutiques. A lot of the brands here, like Ella Moss, are brands that I wear myself that make baby lines. We have one brand called Neige that I love. It’s for babies and toddlers, but it’s sophisticated. The designer of that line used to design for Vera Wang, so she brings a really elegant perspective.

What makes Bundle unique?

I bring fresh and interesting merchandise. We have a couple of lines here, like Acoustic and Velvet & Tweed, that you can’t find anywhere else in the area. And we’re going to be debuting a line called Nelly Stella this spring; we’re literally the first store anywhere to pick her up. We also have customer service that you’re not going to find anywhere else. This isn’t a store where we say, “Look around.” I’m going to help you pick out something. We have a concierge service that lets you call us or fill out a form online. Customers can tell us that they’re buying for a 2-month-old girl with a budget of $50, and I’ll email them a couple of suggestions. They pick it, I gift wrap it and send it, I’ll sign a card for them. It’s New York—a lot of people are busy and don’t have time to come to Soho and pick out gifts themselves. I can help with that.

How is the store involved in the community?

We do a Mommy makeover night, which is fun. We have champagne and a makeup artist here to treat mom while she’s shopping. I also sponsor a lot of charity events by donating silent auction items or gift bags or gift certificates.

How do you select products for the store?

First, I look at the aesthetic—I’m looking for an interesting, sweet and different piece— and then I always want to touch it. I always try to sell things that are really soft and that children are going to want to wear. The third thing is the price. I want to make sure customers are getting a good value.

What’s your top seller?

Baby Bonkies. They are very easy to use swaddles [that use Velcro closures]. They’re lined in this material called Minkee which is really soft. They’re one of our signature items.

Any plans to expand?

I hope to open a couple more stores. The next one probably won’t be for at least a year, but I would like to do an uptown store, and then possibly a Tribeca store or a store in the Hamptons. But, right now, we’re just focused on this one. We’re also doing a lot of special events in the fall—another Mommy Makeover, a Book-of-the-Month club, an in-store concert. We’re doing all sorts of things to just continue to gain presence in the community.

Bundle, 128 Thompson Street, 212-982-9465, bundlenyc.com